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Scribble Scrabble Records: Presents

Who is C~Rex? ... C~Rex is a new Hip Hop and R&B artist who brings back old school with a Lil' bit of new school using the art of soul music. Get ready to experience this chill thrill fire from his heart which C~Rex turned into his 10th mix tape called "Krypton Legend the New Saga". There is no doubt that you will learn more about his Truth, Love, and Pain in his music.


Fire of his Heart pick one



Let's Dance 

Moment of the truth 

Chris Evans mixtape

Next Level

Level Up

Moment of the truth saga

Life's it Self

Public eye

Mixtape vol.2 "rebirth"

mixtape After Far Rock Vol.1

Coming soon ... Red Chronicles


New Hit Singles: Gonna Be Ok,

Way Love goes, Only You, You're the Best

My Last and Had 2 Get It on all streams platforms 

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